Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thierry Henry is "The Starchild"

Thierry Henry is teaming up with....KISS?!

For only $40, fans can go watch FC Dallas host Henry and the Red Bulls, followed by the RockN The Park show two days later where none other than KISS will take the stage!! As a New York resident and casual supporter of the Red Bulls, something about this bothers me juust a bit... Maybe it's the fact that ANOTHER TEAM is using OUR designated player to increase THEIR ticket sales and fill THEIR stadium to earn THEM more money. Sounds like some form of ambush marketing to me. Although on second thought, I guess it's the MLS, where everyone helps everyone to promote the league's image. In the case of the Red Bulls, this is the nicest thing anyone in New York City has ever done.

But let's get to the real meat of this story. I sure as hell hope Henry is on that stage with Gene Simmons and the gang. Afterwards he can chill backstage, get drunk, and have sex with barely legal groupies. Or maybe they'll let him play the match with the face paint on! I'm not aware of FIFA regulations against such a thing. Look at the shit-smirk on that face. He looks like he just finished a multiple homicide and is plotting his next scheme. If they let him play like that, defenders would run the opposite direction.

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