Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real Madrid vs Ajax Preview

Real Madrid open their Champions League campaign under José Mourinho at home against Ajax. Wahoo! For an in-depth analysis of both clubs, look elsewhere. Today, we focus on the one supporter who could turn the tide of the match.

Chelina Manuhutu. This stunning Dutch babe, when she isn't posing for FHM and the like, adorns herself in the red and white of her hometown club Ajax Amsterdam. You better believe she'll be watching the match today on the edge of her seat. With all the playboys on Madrid, her presence in the stands would probably do a decent job distracting them.

Either way, all we really care about is what she'll be wearing. Away kit? Home kit? Scarf? Track suit? Those stupid scarves with half devoted to each team so nobody knows who you support? It's a distracting question in and of itself. However, I've been kind enough to give you some ideas of what route she may take...

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