Friday, September 24, 2010

Ball boys gone mad

On Wednesday, Belgian side Lierse hosted Anderlicht in Round 8 of the Pro League, and made the experience none too easy for the visitors. Especially goalkeeper Silvio Proto. After retrieving his own ball for a goal kick, one of Lierse's ball boys gave him a piece of mind - instead of the ball. So good in fact, that Proto looks over his shoulder three times before getting back on the field where he is subsequently hit by flying debris.

Unfortunately, we don't know what was said, but the kid didn't stop there. After the match was over, he waited on the sideline to confront the goalkeeper as stewards struggled to keep the little fire cracker at bay. No punches were thrown, except for a rather sarcastic round of applause.

Which got me thinking - this is surely not the first time ball boys have caused trouble with opponents. Here is some video evidence to back it up:

Tottenham ball boy vs Famagusta

Chelsea ball boy snubs Gerrard handshake

Brazil ball boy scores a goal...THAT COUNTS

Tottenham "ball man" vs Robert Pires

Hannover ball boy vs crazy Jens Lehman

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