Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mainz players get a little carried away

Yesterday, Mainz defeated Cologne by a score of 2-0 continuing their perfect start to the season: five wins in five matches. A rather surprising start to the campaign for a team that finished 9th last season and already sits five points clear of second placed Hoffenheim.

The players, not surprisingly, are riding this wave of euphora on a weekly basis and yesterday took it to a whole new level capped off with that ridiculous "number one" cut-out. Luckily, a loss would have still kept them atop the league so the sign would have played regardless.

What on earth is that yellow rod in Lewis Holtby's hands you may be asking?

The flag poll. He took it after scoring a brace to show off his best Jimi Hendrix impression (he's even a lefty too).

It all seems a bit premature, and could very well jinx their success down the road. But I absolutely love it. With Bayern, Schalke, Bremen, Wolfsburg, and Leverkusen picking up scraps farther down the table, why not celebrate every successful opportunity to widen the gap? There are new kids on the block in Germany, coincidentally from a city that boasts one of the largest Carnival celebrations in the country, and they're going to party as much as they want.

More celebratory photos below:

Check out the guy on the right. "We TOTALLY rock, dude"

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