Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kaká flexes his vocal chords in duet with his wife

Sidelined by injury with no chance of returning to Real Madrid's starting XI, Kaká continues to find side projects to occupy himself. This time it's music, where he has successfully debuted his song writing and singing prowess. Entitled 'Presente de Deus' or 'Present of God' (go figure) and entirely written by the Brazilian, the love ballad features none other than his incredibly attractive wife Caroline Celico who is an up-and-coming singer herself (

To be quite honest, Kaká actually sounds pretty good, although he rarely tests the limitations of that divine voice by staying in low octives throughout the song. However, it complements her voice nicely. As for the music video photo gallery, it leaves you wanting more. Where are the home videos? Where is the scene where they dress in white running along the beach holding hands? Where are the dancers? I think they could have done a little bit better on that front. But this isn't Rolling Stone, it's a football site!

Implications? Well, it is not the first time football players from Spain have tried singing, nor is it the first time Real Madrid players have taken to the studio either. To be fair, he is no Guti or Sergio Ramos (nobody is).

There are some worrying signs here, though. Between this new twist, featuring in video game advertisements, and receiving love from Hollywood's most famous cougar, Kaká is turning into a full blown diva! I think the writing is on the wall for an obvious move.

Next stop: Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckham has already sent Kaká an audio demo tape and brochures for houses.

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