Monday, September 20, 2010

Sara Carbonero calls CR7 a selfish pig

I love women. I love beautiful women. I love beautiful women who love football. I especially love beautiful women who love football who openly criticize one of the best and self-centered players in the world.

Queue Sara Carbonero (pictured above with her boyfriend who we see enough of on a weekly basis). On a Telecinco program this afternoon, Sara commented:

"Ronaldo doesn't care about anything...He has always been like this - selfish and individualistic on the pitch, and Real Madrid bought him as is."

Actually, it's even better to watch her say it in person:

(fast forward to 2:38)

You go girl!! She has more balls than the man underwear model princess at issue here. He dives, pouts, argues, and whines like a baby. She, on the other hand, says what the rest of the world thinks without a filter.

Poor Iker, though. His girlfriend just threw a huge matzah ball into the locker room. Maybe CrisRon will brush it off like a professional, as he should won't. Or maybe he'll instruct Casillas to put a muzzle on his bitch. In the event of the latter, I invite you to join me for a short trip to Madrid where justice will be served...

The numbers don't lie though. 41 shots and 0 goals. 41 shots. Higuain is the next closest on the team with 12. Ronaldo only celebrates when his countrymen score goals, and the team is incredibly boring to watch at the moment. Is this the shot in the arm CrisRon needed? Whether or not it is, her face on your computer screen is more than enough reason to hope it is not, so she can continue criticizing.

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