Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here's a few stories to get you through the next day or so. Enjoy all the great matches this weekend (and the not so great European qualifiers), and pray that your star players don't get injured on meaningless international duty.

The story of Bebe - the ex-homeless 20 year old unknown Alex Ferguson clearly overpaid for [Daily Mail]

AWESOME vintage/retro football advertisements from back in the day [Original Winger]

Marco Boriello is way too proud of his sexy girlfriend Belen Rodríguez. I'd be too [Marca]

Iceland's Stjarnan have taken their goal celebrations to a whole new level [Dirty Tackle]

UEFA has jumped on board to ban those stupid vuvuzelas from their competitions [UEFA]

Problem solved? England seeks better fortunes with a new kit [Kitbag]

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