Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mourinho Claims Ronaldo Doesn't Dive. Um....

There is really nothing more sublime and entertaining than a José Mourinho interview. Arrogant, confident, and blunt, Mourinho will tell you everything on his mind in the most straight forward manner possible. He'll answer your question, and follow it up with the unthinkable. Speaking at the conclusion of the annual "Elite Club Coaches' Forum" in Nyon, Switzerland, José defended his prima donna superstar:

"Cristiano is a player who doesn't come from a culture of simulation."

That is correct. One can't possibly make a practical argument that Portuguese players don't dive. It's insane! After all, their neighbors in Spain are rampant cheaters, and the Italians have crafted a wonderful culture of deceit. Yet in Portugal, a metaphorical wall has been erected to defend against this culture of cheating the game by faking injury...Caution the authorities because I think someone broke through the defenses: Exhibit A.

"In some cases the simulators are those that have more protection, and those that are honest many times are the ones who get hurt."

Is he trying to tell us that divers should continue to dive because if they don't, physical contact will result with the threat of injury? I guess we should we feel bad that Ronaldo is missing 2-3 weeks with an ankle injury because he's an honest player. He's a guy that doesn't deserve such bad luck because he plays the game like a true professional with the utmost class. Hm...Exhibit B.

"I wouldn't be a hypocrite if I said that Cristiano is fouled very hard. And the yellow cards - or they aren't given or they arrive late."

Again, and this goes back to the pity issue above, Cristiano is treated unfairly by referees. You can't miss it. Kicked and kicked and kicked with no punishment handed out. And we should feel bad for him. It's not as though his pretty step overs, flicks, and tricks get under the skin of opponents. It's not as if other players see him as a show boater. They're out to get him because he's just so damn good. Senseless, mindless, and fouls of intent. I really feel bad for Cristiano. What has he ever done to deserve such rebuke?! - Exhibit C.

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