Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kung-Fu kick FINALLY sees red

Only 38 minutes into the match yesterday, Schalke's Benedikt Höwedes decided to impale Lyon's Jimmy Briand with his boot (fast forward to 1:20 in the video).

Höwedes was immediately sent off for an early shower. Perfect call by the referee, no doubt. Yet in light of this foolish attempt at the ball (and to be fair, he was kinda going for the ball), I'm confused. Actually, I'm beyond confused. This is the kung-fu kick that finally met the wrath of the referee?! Watch the video - his leg doesn't even extend fully. It's practically bent at a 45 degree angle upon impact. My dog can deliver a better kung-fu kick than that. Maybe Ivan Bebek showed him red for a horrible interpretation of Bruce Lee, and sent him to the locker room to mull it over and feel pathetic.

Remember this madness? Sure, the Galaxy were rewarded with a penalty kick but no card for Drenthe. Look at the form! Royston has nothing to show for such a magnificent kick. He got robbed by not receiving a card.

And of course, we can't conclude this without paying homage to the biggest doofus of them all. Although De Jong was the original trend-setter, which is probably why he escaped with only a yellow.

Hopefully, this red card will spark a trend of referees performing credibly, without their heads in their asses.

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