Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stjarnan get a taste of their own medicine

They are famous for their elaborate goal celebrations: sitting on a toilet, riding a bike, water sports. And then of course the one that brought them to fame - the salmon catch.

Well, finally, another team in the Úrvalsdeild Karla (Iceland's Premiere League) has had enough:

I'm no fisherman but that doesn't look like the cleanest of catches. His teammate (#17) appears to have lost patience reeling in the fish and hacks the poor thing to death. A bit violent for the children, but you could also see it as a metaphor for the Valur players putting their opponents to the sword.

And indeed they did. Valur not only scored the above goal, but another four on top of that to defeat the home side 5-1. For all their antics, Stjarnan are sitting mid table with a goal difference of only 1!!

I'm surprised it has taken this long for another team in the league to do something about these aspiring Broadway actors. Perhaps, they simply don't care about a team that's let in 36 goals in 19 games, lost more games than they've won, and sits 13 points of the pace. Yeh, that's good enough reason to ignore them.

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