Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Rather Cheeky "Throw In"

So the other day, team red faced off against team white in an indoor footy match in Ukraine.

Team white was given a throw-in from the near sideline when this happened:

Now that is one of the most intelligent pieces of craftiness I've ever seen. Teams make a mess of throw-ins all too often these days. The ball should be played to feet - not the chest, or shoulder, or head. Apparently, this guy had the right idea to tap the ball ever so gently to his teammate's foot. Look at the central defender, who glances over his right shoulder exactly four times to check his man, and subsequently gets burned.

Team red's reaction is absolutely priceless - dumbfounded and dejected. Staring at each other, speachless, as if the world is crumbling around them.

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