Monday, September 20, 2010

Lesbian club re-instated after goal celebration kiss

In 2009, a player from a lesbian club in Ecuador's Liga de Floresta women's football league celebrated her goal by locking lips for a passionate kiss with a teammate (I looked far and wide for video evidence but there is nothing - trust me). As a result, both women were red carded and the team expelled from the league. The club, cultural y deportivo de Guipúzcoa, appealed the decision and have just been re-instated! However...

The judge's ruling was inadequate as although he noted the league was wrong, he did not mention anything about reparation of the womens' rights or protection from further discrimination by the league. So, the women have decided to remain outcast and, not surprisingly, took to the streets of Quito in protest:

First off, why can't all protests be like this? Why must we always endure hell, fire, and brimstone, and injured riot police sent to the hospital? This seems a bit more peaceful, no?

(Now, I realize this examination could descend into misogynistic hogwash, so I will tread lightly. Besides, this site has always respected the rights and presentation of women in public.)

Second, while I have not seen the kiss, it all seems a bit harsh. So they shared a moment of passion after scoring. Did anyone really complain at the time?! I expect people hung from the trees to catch a glimpse of this team - raising awareness for the league and selling out countless stadia...or playgrounds. Either way, from a business perspective, the league probably lost some potential revenue.

From the human perspective, of course one should take moral issue with it - quelling sexual expression. You need not look far to find prostitutes, or adultery, or trannies (right down the road in Brazil, actually) engulfing the football world. I haven't seen any suspensions handed out to Fat Ronaldo or Crouchie or Rooney.

And how many times have you seen male soccer players kiss each other after scoring goals? Nobody received marching orders or gets thrown out of competitions. Was Liverpool banned after this smooch? I think not.

Perhaps the women being are being a bit picky after the judge's ruling, but I cannot argue with their intentions. So today, we stand as one with the Ecuadorian lesbians of Guipúzcoa. All those who don't? F**k Off!

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