Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Cesc tapping up. Only this time it's an ex-gooner!

Barcelona's tapping up of Cesc Fabregas over the summer is well documented. In fact, pretty much everyone except his pet dog made a public statement to woo the Catalan back to the Camp Nou.

Messi started tapping even before the end of the season, then admitted to sending his buddy text messages. Xavi played prophet during the World Cup. Gerard Pique got dreamy. Captain Puyol led the charge. Pedro claimed it was a no brainer. Biscuits spoke up over tea. Even Coach Pep threw his weight around in South Africa.

With nobody left to talk up the Arsenal skipper and the transfer window closed, one of Wenger's best has admitted the ex-Barcelona youth star will undoubtedly make a return to his hometown club.

Gilberto Silva, admitted Fabregas' fate is sealed.

"'He is a great player and a good guy. I wish him well at Arsenal, but sooner or later he will return to Barcelona."

First off, I love that Silva wishes him well at Arsenal. It sounds like he's just arrived there and has yet to prove himself. Heroic PK with a broken leg at the Emirates against his former club? No good. Cesc still needs some encouragement to play well since he's been AWFUL...

In any event, it's nice to finally hear an Arsenal guy say what everyone is thinking. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the Daily Mail, who published this story, comes out tomorrow with breaking news that Barcelona players paid Gilberto Silva to make these comments. Would you doubt it?!

(photo courtesy of the Daily Mail)

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