Monday, September 13, 2010

Mourinho Jr. Posts a Clean Sheet

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho loves defensive football. It is not anti-football. It's just boring and tough to watch. If you're a Real Madrid supporter though, things may be worse than they seem. Dad is so enraptured in his philosophy that his own children can't avoid it.

Last week, 10 year old José Jr. made his debut for CD Canillas, a Real Madrid affiliate youth club based in the neighborhood of Hortaleza. Striker? Not a chance. Creative or attacking midfielder? Pff - quit dreaming. Defensive back? Bushleague!

No, young Mourinho has chosen to play between the sticks. Coming on at half time, José Jr. made three great saves to secure his club's 9-0 thrashing of San Roque. Perhaps those nine goals is a little much for dad, but the big fat zero is all that counts.

One can also find Ronald Ronaldo (no joke - fat Ronaldo's son) as well as Théo Zidane (pictured below).

Florentino Perez has reportedly placed €100 billion pricetag on their heads to prevent Barcelona from swooping in...

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