Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Joe Cole was training the other day with new club Liverpool and - well - the thing is there really are shorts under there. At least I really hope there are.

But in truth it is no surprise to see young master Cole prancing around like this. He's had quite an extensive and well documented career of short shorts. Which got me thinking, I'd love to see Joe's thighs through the years and maybe some of the inspiration behind it...

What better inspiration than the greatest player in history?

Joe was a member of West Ham from age 13 until he turned 22. He wasted no time making his mark.

Shortest shorts on the biggest club in London

No bigger stage to hike 'em up than while playing for your country

Perhaps his wife's short shirts served as inspiration

Wouldn't be complete without this guy.

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