Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Best "Highlight Reel" Goals

These are the ones people talk about at the water cooler. The ones that make the Top 10 on Sportscenter accompanied by horrifyingly terrible mispronunciations of players' names by the anchors. The ones that result in shenanigans from the TV and radio commentators (and boy are we lucky we can watch their antics).

So, I give you my top "highlight reel" goals of the tournament (in no particular order)...

For obvious reasons this is one of my favorites. Epic:

A wonder-strike from a wonder-kid:

The only bright spot of Italy's pathetic display:

Those tricky Asians - they tamed the "too perfect" jubilani ball and provided free-kick masterpieces like this - the best for either Japan or Korea:

Raw fury from Carlos Tevez:

Not only did Siphiwe Tshabalala have one of the best names of the tournament, but he produced a jaw-dropping howitzer for South Africa's first World Cup goal on the continent:

This one rivals David Villa's against Honduras:

What makes this so brilliant is that it's one touch, with his weaker left food, and it's clearly heading out of bounds after impact only to curl back in:

Whether or not you think this is the goalie's fault is erroneous. This ball spins counter-clockwise - a natural occurrence when curling a free-kick from right-to-left with the inside of one's right foot. However, it moves inside out (left to right). You'll rarely ever see a ball move like this:

What. A. Goal:

He curls this ball off the bounce like it's a free kick!!:

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