Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iron Mike's Pitch Debut


Mike Tyson is in Peterborough, England today for an "Evening With Mike Tyson" at the East of England Showground. Aside from taking in a 6 course meal at a tasty Indian restaurant, he also made time for something every other normal human being would - football.

Mike showed up for Peterborough Football Club's preseason friendly against West Ham United.

"I’ve never heard of Peterborough before but as soon as I heard it was West Ham I thought, we’ve got to really give it to them," Tyson said.

Excuse me? We? Of all the teams in England, let alone the other 4 teams in London, West Ham is the team he recognizes?! Perhaps western ham tastes like Holyfield's ear so he has become a supporter of the east London club. Or maybe his lifelong regret of never having a Bar-Mitzvah has endeared him to the only club in England managed by an Israeli.

Let's cut the crap. He saw the Katy Perry photo shoot and the rest is history.

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