Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinho and 50 Cent

You cannot argue with Ronaldinho's ability to party. It's the main reason he is now borderline bum, having a terribly difficult time getting into shape and giving any sort of hint that he really cares about the game anymore. It's sad we only saw about 3 years of his best, but I'll save the crying game for another time.

This here is great stuff. While in Rio on vacation, Ronaldinho decided to stop by the 50 Cent concert and join him on stage. I really hate that "ole, ole.." is the official football song - at least for Americans. Who decided that? I have watched hundreds and hundreds of matches from every country imaginable and NEVER heard that sung in any stadium.

Did they arrange the outfits together? I think 50 Cent is a bit jealous that his rental jewelry doesn't stack up to Dinho's real bling bling.

After some bouncing and arm waving I love how he slips off the stage to the right...probably to find some food and more drink.

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