Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Best "Classy" Goals

These are the ones that take a bit more to appreciate. It's not always the finish, but the build up which makes a goal beautiful. A cutting through ball, one-touch passing, back heels, flicks. This is artistry at it's best, where skill and concentration trump power and determination.

Here are the classiest goals of World Cup 2010:

I put Pereira's goal here because it doesn't go in off the post or upper 90. But he curls it into space around several defenders, using them to shield the goalie in the process:

One-touch through ball. Dummy. Nutmug. THIS is the Holland everyone wanted to see:

I liked this goal the second I saw it because it's a different kind of class - a smaller guy holding off 2 big central defenders, and finishing as cool as a cucumber:

Forget the finish. Robinho's ball to Elano is shocking (skip to :58 seconds):

Was Robinho's pass be more shocking than this one?:

Any time Brazil makes magic and someone dribbles around the keeper...class in session:

The 4 goals Germany scored to send a sub-par England home:

And the 4 which left Argentina humbled (fast fwd. to :55 seconds):

I love this one. His first touch with the outside of the right foot and his second a cool finish around the keeper:

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