Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Cris-Ron Part 2


False alarm!  Although it was reported the other day that Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, fellow underwear model Irina Shayk, had explained on her facebook page she intended to marry the dreamy man-whore, it turns out the whole thing was a farce.

According to Irina, somebody hacked onto her facebook page and displayed her intentions for marriage. She, of course, has no interest in marrying Mr. Ronaldo.

Who could blame her? How could anyone ever think he would be a one woman man the rest of his life?! They've been together for a few months now which means she doesn't have much time left. In fact, she'll probably get the ax as soon as Real Madrid kick of the 2010/11 campaign.

As for Cristiano Jr.? His hopes of having an illegitimate mother have been dashed. The closest thing he'll get is whomever Cris-Ron hires to be the nanny, and I can only imagine how many millions that woman will get. I also kinda feel bad for Jr. because his father won't be able to hold him for another year since infants cannot come in contact with spray-on tanning solutions as it causes a terrible rash and infection.

Good news is, Cristiano doesn't seem to be giving up his swinging lifestyle so Jr. has plenty of late nights and VIP lounges to look forward to when he grows up.

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