Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cops - A Lesson in Prostitution


As today is the much anticipated arrival of Lindsay Lohan at a California prison, it's only fitting to report on another exciting police matter in the footballing world.

French internationals Karim Benzema and Franck Ribery are in Paris today to undergo questioning by the special prostitution brigade (what an awesome brigade) about an alleged sexual rendezvous (full story with photos here) with an underage prostitute. Back in April, the now 18 year old woman who goes by the name Zahia Dehar, told French magazine Paris Match that she had sex with a number of players on the national team. Ribery supposedly flew her out to Munich where he plays his club football for a night of passion at a hotel, while Benzema has been a regular since she was 16.

While most people here make fun of the French for no reason whatsoever other than the government telling them to do so, in reality they are much better off than we are! And as we've learned from the above case, I think most people in this country would be thrilled if prostitution were legal as well. Now, shame on you if you pay for sex with someone under the age of 18. Benzema and Ribery will both claim, as does the chick, that they didn't know she was underage at the time...

Unfortunately, negligence has no place under French law in this instance. And yet, Ribery's lawyer only had this to say: "It is an intentional offence, he would have to know her age,which wasn't the case. She would have to look minor, which wasn't the case, she would have to tell him she was minor, which wasn't the case, since all over the press she claimed that she was adult and that she was more then 20 years old."

Because she didn't look like a minor Ribery can't be held accountable?!  You'd think that a guy who rakes in tens of thousands of euros a week could find a lawyer with more brains. That is quite simply a pitiful statement from his attorney.

In any event, as with celebrities everywhere, nothing will come of this. Ribery will need to go home to his wife to face the music. Benzema? He's probably got another date with her already.

Be it a lesson to all of you - ask for ID!

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