Friday, August 20, 2010

Ronaldinho's Preseason Training Regime

With the Serie A season set to kick off next weekend, it's safe to assume every player is busting his ass to get in tip-top shape after summer holidays. More importantly, fringe players and those in poor form have the opportunity to wipe last season's slate clean and start anew.

Well, Ronaldinho's slate over the past few seasons with AC Milan has been full of bench warming, beer guts, and an occasional suare onto the stage with 50 Cent.

Maybe weightlifting and sprints aren't his mojo. Maybe commitment and hard-work are simply misnomers when it comes to preparation. Maybe the bright lights, loud music, and 7:00am self-imposed curfews are the secrets to reclaiming the title of best player in the world...or to remaining a fat, washed-up, waste of space.

Well whatever the end result is, Ronaldinho is putting in his best efforts to get there. And no better way than running off to Montenegro, hitting the club scene, and making besties with the extremely sexy Serbian model Sanja Brnovic.

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