Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Party in the Holy Land

FC Salzburg lost. Good. After reports (unconfirmed to be fair) of despicable chants by the fans in the first leg calling on the Israelis to go back and burn in the ovens (and there were supposedly more), those fans, and that city, didn't deserve the privilege of hosting the kings of Europe on the grandest stage on the planet.

As for Hapoel Tel-Aviv, it is their first appearance in the group stages in the club's 83 year history. With a performance in the second leg that, outside the first ten minutes, was quite frankly abysmal (an own goal and the one in stoppage top to seal it), Hapoel escaped. But it was predicated on an impressive 3-2 away win in the first leg. With a win like that on the road they deserved to move on. And, UEFA can breathe a sigh of relief at the now moot prospect of rampant, racist fans showcasing the tournament.

Let the festivities begin in Israel.

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