Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drinks on the House

Bayern Munich took time out of their busy training schedule this week to, well, sip a couple beers and shoot a commercial for Paulaner. Not a bad gig.

On closer look, something is a tad bit those beers are fake!! Lahm's center of gravity is off as he tips the glass towards himself, only the beer and foam are in the exact same position. No overflow.  The foam actually looks more like marshmallow fluff...

I was also unaware of the lederhosen class system.  Schweinsteiger, Van Bommel, and Klose all have the fancy suspenders with their outfits, while Louis Van Gaal, das manager, sports the landowners' diagonal suspenders.  Then of course you've got the surfs who can only afford the white shirts. However, Lahm is the "captain" of Germany and dressed like a serf. So perhaps seniority isn't the dividing factor. Maybe it's height...

Let's also note the fact that everyone is completely hairless. No facial hair, no leg hair. Of course, one cannot truly enjoy a fresh glass of Paulaner with bestial follicles protruding from the skin. It's disgusting and classless.

To be honest, it's all a bit too complicated for my liking. Just give me a das boot and be done with it. 

More photos after the jump...

Hans-Jörg Butt - WHAT are you doing? This is no time to have a staring contest with the camera guy.

"Franck, can you give me that prostitute's number?! Girls my age don't put out."

Müller is probably telling his buddy Philipp about the speeding ticket he talked himself out of on the way to the shoot.

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