Friday, August 27, 2010

Platini guarantees 0% chance of human error

Speaking in Monaco yesterday ahead of the Champions League draw, UEFA president Michel Platini went on a bit of a rant regarding referees in the forthcoming competition. Notably, he stressed a "zero tolerance" policy towards referees screwing up calls. Right.

He then went on to discuss the brand new five referee system that will place an extra pair of eyes on the end line next to each goal.

"I think it's a very good system. If they cannot see if it's gone in they should get another job. If you cannot see the ball has crossed the line from three metres away then you are no good."

"There should be near zero tolerance with regard to referees because they should be able to see everything now."

"The Champions League final with only three referees makes me nervous because when it comes to decisions they can't see everything. With five referees we can be 99% or 100% certain.''

A couple things here. First, all Platini really cares about is one thing only - goal line vigilance. Preventing botched calls of whether the ball has crossed over the line. Something that happens, and let's be honest, not too often. What about every other missed offsides and handball and foul? I have watched plenty of Europa League matches to inspect the new system and those extra refs are clowns. They do nothing and say nothing.

Now to this guarantee. 100% certain?! No sir - humans are not perfect and we never will be. If the referees were secretly terminators that's a different story. But he just sounds like such a moronic idiot when he throws percentages out there like that. Does he really think the intellectual public believes that two extra referees is more fullproof than technology? Apparently so. And Sepp Blatter at FIFA is even worse.

These are the people running the sport at the moment. Until they're out, we're stuck with an outdated, juvenile system.

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