Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Comic Relief

Goalkeepers are some of the most superstitious and quirky individuals in the business. Where some employ lunatic manerisms to simply mask the fact that their abilities are average or sub-par, there are others who summon the powers of great beings to inject a sense of confidence and strength in their performance. In other words, they want to be superheroes...who doesn't?

Pablo Aurrecochea is one of these aspirants, and forget the fact that he's a grown man. The Uruguayan, who plays football for Paraguayan side Club Guaraní, has shown no shame in sporting goalie uniforms evoking the greatest Marvel Comics heroes of our time. Thing is, it's actually working...

Guaraní sits third in the Paraguayan 1st division and is tied for least amount of goals conceded. Go figure!

More pics and his Batman performance after the jump:

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