Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World Cup champs receive their beer

Trophies...keys to the -  the spoils of war for winning the World Cup. But let's be honest, all these things will hang on the wall or sit in a case and remain untouched and unused for years to come. That is what winning the World Cup gets you? Nonsense!!

Thank heavens the Spaniards have other options. Cruzcampo, one la selección's main sponsors, has decided to reward their champions with a different type of memento. Something that won't collect dust and become obsolete in a year's time. Something that will generate continued celebration and debauchery for months and months to come - BEER.

Yesterday, one by one, the squad stepped onto the "beer scale," which measured their weight in kilos and converted that into liters. However much brawn you brought to the table determined the number of cases you walked out with.

In total, the team amassed 1,734 liters of beer. The most went to Basque striker Fernando Llorente, pictured above, weighing in at 94.6kg (approx 209 lbs). Poor little Jesús Navas who weighs all of 60kg (approx 132lbs) only went home with 180 beers...

Oktoberfest?! Pff. Looks like Novemberfest, Decemberfest, and maybe even Januaryfest are in order for the world champions. 

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