Monday, October 11, 2010

England keeper gets obliterated two days before Montenegro clash

The English never learn. The coaching staff never learns. The manager never learns. The players still haven't learned.

The backlash from this summer's World Cup was very straight forward - these players are thrust into fame and fortune at such a young age and don't know any better. They are irresponsible, rash, aggressive, hot-headed, and believe they as individuals are bigger than the game itself. So you'd think Capello would have cracked down on this type of behavior by those representing the Three Lions, especially the young ones new to the squad.

Not a chance. England's most talented goalkeeper, Joe Hart, spent his weekend at Puerto BanĂºs in Marbella to celebrate (exactly what I'm not sure). Only days before a European qualifying clash against Montenegro, Hart was caught on video dancing atop a bar with two ladies and singing into a fake microphone. I don't know if you could qualify it as dancing, but it was some sort of bodily movement nonetheless. In fact, it was a significant improvement from the last dance routine he subjected the world to.

Just another example of entitlement and irresponsibility from the England camp, and a failure by the leaders of the team to prevent it. For England's sake, I hope he's better in goal than he is with his dance moves.

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