Friday, October 29, 2010

Most lucrative shirt sponsorships in Europe

UK based SPORT+MARKT has released its 12th annual European Football Jersey Report - evaluating and ranking the most lucrative shirt sponsorships in Europe for the current season. Not surprisingly, the Premier League regained first place over Germany while Spain, arguably the most indebted of the big leagues in Europe, sits in fifth. Such deals may not solve all your problems, but they serve as a vital source of revenue for certain clubs. These numbers should also come as a warning to certain leagues (ahem - Spain) that they may need to try a bit harder in order to garner enthusiasm and worldwide popularity, or face perilous economic decisions.

Top revenue generating leagues:

1. English Premier League- €128 million (€83.5 million last year)
2. German Bundesliga - €118.5 million (€108.6 million last year)
3. Italian Serie A - €65.9 million (the only league to record a revenue drop)
4. French Ligue 1 - €58.8 million
5. Spanish La Liga - €57.5 million (€48.6 million last year)

6. Dutch Eredivisie - €42 million

Top revenue generating clubs:

1. Manchester United and Aon - €23.6 million
2. Liverpool and Standard Chartered bank - €23.6 million
3. Real Madrid and Bwin - €23 million
4. Bayern Munich and Deutsche Telekom - €22 million
5. Chelsea and Samsung -  - €16.3 million

More food for thought:

- La Liga - why are you so dumb?! On the one hand, the Spanish currently sit atop the world and european football thrones so why the pressure to do more? However, their period of greatness will soon dissipate and reality will set in. Barcelona, the most popular team on the planet at the moment, is in serious debt and has never worn a sponsor until 2006. However, Barcelona pays UNICEF to the tune of €1.5 million a year. It is inexcusable for La Liga to sit in 5th position. 

- Lazio and Fiorentina, two of the bigger clubs in Italy, do not have sponsorship deals.

- Getafe is still sponsored by Burger King.

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