Thursday, October 7, 2010

VfB Stuttgart attend beer festival despite sitting bottom of the table

Sometimes, clubs set standards for themselves. And when those standards are not met, there are consequences - privileges are taken away. Case in point: Bayern Munich. After defeat in Dortmund and tumbling down to 12th position in the league, Coach Luis van Gaal canceled the team's annual trip to Oktoberfest for beer and bustiers. Understandably, the performances on the pitch did not warrant such reward.

Then there's VfB Stuttgart. Dead last in the Bundesliga. They have won a single game all season and lost six. A sixth place finisher last season, one would expect this horrific start to qualify as not meeting the club's preseason goals...not quite.

Instead of spending extra time training and working on fundamentals, or tweaking the existing tactics and formations, the team decided on a better course of action to raise their standard of play - BEER FEST!!!

So, the team set off for the Stuttgart Beer Festival prepared to drink away their sorrows and dine on bratwursts, knackwursts, potatoes, and sauerkraut. Players and coaches received warm welcome and applause from the 3,000 in attendance. Then the President got up to address the crowd, prompting a fury of boos and whistling. All he could muster up was, "We're gonna work our asses off to get out of the relegation zone."

Well said! You convinced me that's for sure. Especially since that "we" you speak of is sharing benches with the locals in a tent, drowning themselves in pints of beer. To me, that looks like working their asses off. Rumor has it they've already booked a trip to Disney World for the Christmas break, and plan to take an African safari when relegation is confirmed in the Spring. Isn't it just great being a loser?!

More pics to follow:

 Mauro Camoranesi must LOVE Germany. Back in Italy, failure is met with fans assaulting their own players and setting fires to public buildings, if not the stadium itself.

 Drink up Christian. Your days are numbered.

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