Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nigel de Jong's ONLY career red card

Here it is ladies and gentleman. In an 18 year career, Nigel de Jong has broken more bones than Bruce Lee and put more players' careers in jeopardy than appearing on Who's The Boss. However, he has only ONCE been sent off from the field of play for his actions - and it wasn't even a straight red.

Waaaay back in 2006 while playing for Hamburg, De Jong dug his cleats into two Rapid Bucure┼čti players during a UEFA cup match. Both challenges are absolutely disgusting and in typical fashion, he is utterly perplexed the referee thought they warranted bookings.

Hm. Some things just never change.


Connor said...

disgusting? late maybe but come on, they weren't really that bad... good deal of embellishment from the opposition

Mark said...

YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING CONNOR, de Jong goes for the legs and bodies; he doesn't play the ball. He's always throwing in something extra -- going in like a madman thinking he can intimidate the opponent away from the play. The victims playing the ball aren't going to just run away from trying to play the ball. He is very dangerous and 'off the chain' with his challenges. We can see the psycho pattern as been going on and on for some time. His history of inflicting deliberate injury is clear.

Anonymous said...

great post thanks