Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More trouble with the French squad

There is never a dull moment in the soap opera that is French football. This time it involves two well-known trouble makers - Karim Benzema and Lass Diarra. The Real Madrid duo arrived late to Clairefontaine where the French team is preparing for European qualifiers against Romania and Luxemburg. This came after Laurent Blanc had already postponed the deadline twice.

Blanc was understandably furious with both players who claimed to have missed their flight. He didn't buy it:

"If you miss your flight from another country, you will obviously be late. We are professionals and therefore must make sure we arrive on time for any flight. Benzema did not play in Real Madrid's match over the weekend, so there's no reason he should have arrived late."

Poor Blanc - a proven and successful manager who will no doubt bring the French team back to glory at some point. But not with these classless bums at his disposal. They have zero respect for the manager, the squad, or the institution. Self indulgence and individualism seem to be their only virtues.

When asked if the two would be sanctioned, the manager responded by saying:

"We already have players suspended. We're not going to throw stones at our own house."

HA!! In other words, he unfortunately has no choice but to play the pair since France has limited options and CANNOT afford to lose either of these games. Otherwise, it seems like he probably would have sent them home. And the last thing Blanc needs is more turmoil to tear apart the French team as he tries to rebuild it.

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