Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup 2010 - A Family Affair

I'm sure you've all seen couples at sporting events with each representing one of the opposing teams. First of all, it makes me puke every time I see it. Perhaps it's not important for some people, but do you really think I would date/marry a die hard Real Madrid fan or somebody who grew up in Dallas as a Cowboys fan?? You've got a better chance seeing me wear drag the rest of my life.

The World Cup is no different. In an era where players apply for citizenship in other countries simply to play football, divided families are more frequent than ever. This is usually the case for Brazilians - there are simply SO MANY football players that it would be impossible for them to play for their own country. But, there will be many households with the pleasure of watching multiple family members represent the same country. Let's take a looksy.

Kolo and Yayá Touré - Ivory Coast - These two broheems will feature in the starting line-ups. It won't take too long to notice why I call Kolo the "other Toure."  He's been basking in the success of his younger brother for years.

Kengo and Shunsuke Nakamura - Japan - Older brother Shusuke has made his rounds in Scotland and Spain during his club career. Will most likely come off the bench but watch out if he's given a chance at a free kick.

Johnny and Wilson Palacios - Honduras - They've got a third brother named Milton...MILTON!!! Apparently he is running for condo president at Del Boca Vista.

Edgar Barreto and Diego Barreto - Paraguay

Bob and Michael Bradley - USA - One of two father son duos in this tournament.  I hope Bob got the memo not to dress like a shlub for the biggest tournament on the planet. Those may be Michael's hand-me-downs from high school.

The Weiss Family - Slovakia - Granpop Vladimír Weiss played on the national team back in the 50's and 60's. His son, Vladimír is now the manager of Slovakia for this tournament and was very proud to name his son Vladimír to the squad as well. Got all that?

Maradona and Kun Aguero - Argentina - One of my favorites. El Kun has been banging Maradona's daughter for a while and one night some of his guys got loose and made a mini-Kun aka Maradona's first grandchild. 

Mark Van Bommel and Bert van Marwijk - Netherlands - Same story here only Mark was classy enough to sanctify his relationship to Andra with marraige. He and his manager's daughter have 3 children (all planned of course).

Samir and Jasmin Handanovic - Slovenia - Cousins

Rigobert and Alexandre Song - Cameroon - Cousins

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