Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Ecstasy of Goals

If you've ever seen me celebrate a goal for my beloved Barcelona, you've probably crawled under the nearest chair or table you could find. Watching from my apartment last season, when Andrea Iniesta leveled the score at Stamford Bridge to send my beloved team into the Champions League final, I lost it. Amidst the screaming and some bar stools that needed to be "cleared" from my path, I heard my doorbell ring. Expecting other fans (what a dumb expectation), I instead got my neighbor who informed me she was moments away from calling the police and reporting a murder - no joke.

So to give you some perspective on that...and the meaning of scoring a goal in general, I strongly recommend you read this article my Matthew Syed in the London Times: Click here

When you're done, here's how some others enjoyed that moment last year:
1. L'Ovella Negra de Poble Nou, Barcelona
2. Barcelona supporters group in Santiago, Chile
3. These guys

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