Thursday, June 10, 2010

!@)%* !%&^) !*$(^&!$

The Brazilian referees in charge of this weekend's England vs US game are taking a crash course in English cuss words in preparation of a foul mouthed affair. Every F-bomb, S-bomb, A-bomb you can think of will most likely be punishable by a yellow card. However, not everything can be taught. Here's a couple that the players may be able to slip by...

"Hey ref, has your wife ever told you how much she loves my cheese omelletes?"

"Linesman! Put your flag up! Is your arm tired from all the rusty trompbones you've been giving during training?!"

"Your eyesight almost stinks as much as your duck butter breath!"

"Quit felching the 4th official and give him a yellow card for that challenge!"

"You're mother could make better calls than that with the cleveland steamered I left on her chest last night!"

There. I think that did the trick

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