Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raymond Domenech is an idiot

Using astrology to pick starting lineups is one thing, but the French manager has outdone himself this time. Over the past 2 weeks he has organized a number of "team building" activities for his squad ahead of the World Cup. Unfortunately, this has resulted in injuries to two of his star players (luckily nothing serious). When I think of team building it's usually duck duck goose, uno, pin the tail on the donkey, running trains...things like that. Apparently, that's too juvenile for the French.

There was the dune buggy race:
That's starting center-back William Gallas being assisted after his buggy tumbled in a crash.

Yesterday's Tour de les Bleu:

Striker Nicolas Anelka in a crash on the downhill sprint.

And of course a jolly trek in the Alps (nobody got hurt but I got vertigo just looking at the damn picture!)

What's next? Wrestling wild animals on an African safari?

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