Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Footy Tribue to Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper sadly passed away last week. He will always be remembered by me as Wilbur "Shooter" Flatch from Hoosiers - drunk, basketball savvy, and of course the crafty tactician of the game winning picket fence where he stepped in as coach. Warning all of us, "Now, boys, don't get caught watchin' the paint dry!"

But this column will also remember his brief appearance on Entourage, suckering Vincent Chase into placing a $100K bet on Manchester United to defeat Blackburn Rovers. Van Nistelrooy's subsequent penalty miss costs United the game. That game they were watching was the 2006 Carling Cup Semi-Final. A goal by Louis Saha after halftime booked United's spot in the final.

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