Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More goalie blunders

Nobody wants to be a goalkeeper these days. Ever since Robert Green set the position on a tormenting downward spiral during the World Cup into levels of pathetic ineptitude we have not seen in years, other keepers appear to be falling down with him. From those bozos in Morocco, to Heurelho Gomes against Manchester United, to any keeper Arsenal has fielded, the blunders in the net have reached every corner of the globe.

I figured it would be easiest to condense some of these events, as they appear to take place every weekend in mass numbers. First up is another keeper getting too excited, too early. After watching his opponent lash the ball off the crossbar, the goalkeeper peeled away thanking the heavens. Little did he know, as apparently the penalty kick taker and the referee did, the ball ricocheted straight up into the air and bounced into the back of the net. His reaction upon realizing his mistake is priceless.

In Moldova, Edgars Gauračs (number 11) showed off his wily and cunning abilities for FC Sheriff Tiraspol. After his teammate missed a PK and the rebound, Gauračs quietly tip-toed out of the net, waiting for the keeper to get rid of the ball. Now, the goalie could have punted the ball instead of dropping it on the ground. He also could have LOOKED OVER HIS SHOULDER to make sure there were no stragglers behind him. Smart goalkeepers with awareness make that a habit like breathing.

You can imagine what happens next, Gauračs steals the ball immediately and slots home the goal.

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