Monday, November 8, 2010

It's raining tennis balls in Switzerland!

We've seen protests in Greece by disgruntled supporters who resorted to vandalism and destruction of their own team's pitch to have games suspended or re-scheduled. Classless and pathetic to say the least. We've also seen supporters in Italy protest lunch time kick-offs by bringing packed lunches to the matches.

It appears the Swiss also have a knack for the creative and non-violent approach. On Sunday, Swiss television wished to broadcast the final of the Swiss indoor tennis tournament in addition to the match between FC Basel and FC Luzern, the top two teams in Switzerland's Super League. So, they moved the football match to an earlier than expected 12:45pm kick-off, much to the dismay of Basel fans.

Their response? Litter the field with tennis balls!! Ultras behind the goal heaved countless tennis balls onto the field, suspending the game for a few minutes until they were cleared.

You see? Lighting things on fire and trashing cities is not the only way to advertise your disgust and discontent. Sometimes a little humor goes a long way, and at the end of the day the Basel supporters left with a 90 minute equalizer to retain their lead atop the table, and no more balls for their mid-week tennis games at the gym.

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